Chunky Necklaces are quite the rage these days however not all chunky jewelery is created equal.  Much of what you find out there is pre-made items ordered from China simply being resold to you.

Here at Charlie’s Geek Boutique you will find unique creations, designed by me.  Whereas we do use some of the same Chunky princess pendants each of our necklaces are designed as a unique piece of wearable art.  You may have also seen some of our rhinestone pendants out there but again notice our designs are unique and even vary among the same pendant.

Our jewelery uses predominately new beads however we also incorporate reclaimed vintage beads to help give our designs a one of a kind look.

Beyond the beads, princesses and rhinestones is where Charlie’s `Geek Boutique really steps out.  We use vinyl figures found in Marvel, Disney, DC and other blind bags, bobble heads found in blind boxes, key chain figures of all kinds including pocket pops and even vintage toys as pendants for our unique jewelery.

So if you want something different, if you want something unique, if you want something no one else has, if you want American designed, if you want something crafted with love check out our store!

Iron Man Necklace